We live in defining and exiting years of human history. This is the time where big changes can happen in short time. Technology and innovative thinking can change structures and reach globally in accelerated speed.

Technology has made it possible to share knowledge and life experiences globally. This has made higher awareness of how we as humans effect each other. The challenges of our consumer world and use of resources have become explicit. There is need to take action to preserve our environment for future generations. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agreed by all UN nations we have a common platform..

Business culture is in change. The Millennials would like to contribute to solve global challenges. Seth Bannon claims that 83% of MBA students would take a pay cut to work at a social impact company. The change in business culture away from maximizing return as the only goal towards a culture where impact and triple bottom line counts is good news. The world need new ways of thinking for a sustainable future and to reach the SDG before 2030.

In this new era impact companies outperform their peers. Young people would like to align their career and investments with their values. The new generation employees are also more innovative and more global.

With new attitudes, global understanding and goals, new technology and possibilities for exponential development, the future is exiting.