IMPACT Leadership Program

Inspire – Mobilize – Perform – Accelerate – Calibrate – Transform

6-Month Program

  • 3-Day Intensive Workshop (24-26 Oct ‘19)
  • Individual and Team Coaching & Mentoring
  • IMPACT Project Review & Leader’s Journey (Apr ‘20)
  • IMPACT Leaders’ Network (1 Year)


  • Define IMPACT goals & strategies
  • Develop leadership competencies required to initiate, lead & execute IMPACT initiatives
  • Apply the IMPACT values, framework & best practices on an IMPACT project

Target Audience

  • Mid to senior leaders

Where and When:

  • First group starts in Oslo October 23rd 2019. Sign up now!
  • Launch in Asia January 2020 for local group(s)
  • Launch in Africa upon request

Topics  Covered

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Where are we  today & your Impact on the future
  • IMPACT Leader’s mindset & values
  • IMPACT framework (Inspire Ÿ Mobilize Ÿ Perform Ÿ Accelerate Ÿ Calibrate Ÿ Transform)
  • IMPACT Leadership competencies
    • Awareness and Resilience
    • Communication and Engagement
    • Building Culture and Teams
    • Empowerment and Accountability
    • Ambiguity and Decision Making
  • IMPACT Project pitch and development
  • Coaching & Mentoring for Leadership Development

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Our instructors

Denise Pang
Denise is an award-winning Leadership Development Designer, Facilitator and Coach.

She has over 10 years’ experience working directly with senior executives and their teams to achieve organizational, professional and personal performance goals. Her clients include MNCs, Universities and Public-Sector organizations.

Specializes in large-scale organizational transformation – visioning and communication, stakeholder and employee engagement, performance and talent development.

Prior to coaching, Denise spent over 15 years’ in international business development and strategic alliances with Accenture and HP.

Katharina R. Asting

Seasoned leader with operational experience from startups, corporates and governmental organisations. Katharina has also worked with PE investments for more than a decade. She has served as director in a number of boards.

Certified as an DNCF Executive Coach, Katharina coach leaders in groups and one-on-one. She challenges and supports to make leaders change patterns and perform at their best.

Katharina is passionate about contributing to solve global challenges, and funded INNOKRA to consult and coach Impact companies to succeed. The Impact leadership program was developed together with Denise Pang as a natural consequence of wanting to inspire more leaders to make an impact for a sustainable future.